ITIL Expert Course Overview

The ITIL framework is a standard used all over the world as benchmark of best practices for the purpose of service implementation and enhancement.

The ITIL Expert Course in UAE has been crafted for the purpose of enabling candidates to obtain expert knowledge in a single or multiple services processes.

The stream includes an emphasis on the practical implementation of Operation Support And Analysis (OSA), Planning, Protection and Optimization (PPO), Release, Control and Validation (RCV), and Service Offerings And Agreement (SOA) to form IT application management, operations, and financial management processes.

This framework puts an emphasis on the regular implementation of ITIL processes and their relationship with the particular stages in the Service Lifecycle.

The Capability stream itself is based on four certifications, which are process-focused and deliver in-depth knowledge of the ITIL stages and purposes.

This program is more detailed and intricate than the other lower stages before the Expert level, and involves the many metrics, initiatives, and outputs that make up each process.

The course involves over 60 hours of learning, sample exams, and 22 credits.

Who The ITIL Expert Course Is For

The ITIL Expert Course in Kuwait can benefit a number of IT and business professionals. This includes:

  • Business Managers
  • Operations Professionals
  • Service Catalog Managers
  • Service Level Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Relationship Managers


The ITIL Expert Level exam consists of up to 50 multiple choice questions, with 10 for each paper. The passing mark is 35 out of a total 50.

The exam follows a closed book format and lasts up to two hours.


Candidates looking to secure the ITIL Expert qualification are required to pass through the MALC examination to become candidates.

In the case that a candidate’s performance falls below par, they may be allowed to inform the examiners of this, part of which is sharing with the trainers, the parts of the course content that proved to be troublesome.

The retake is possible by paying the fee for another test.

ITIL Expert Course Scope And Careers

The ITIL Expert Level qualification is an excellent opportunity and certificate for people who have made up their minds regarding a career in the IT segment.

A candidate who has passed the certification becomes capable of supervising and managing several business processes, including Database Administration, Security Administration, IT Operations, and Service Delivery.

The certificate commands a high degree of prestige in states and organizations all over the world, with some remuneration packages coming very close to six figures.