Prince2 Course: Foundation

The Prince2 foundation course in UAE provides training material and guidance for those looking to gain the Prince2 Foundation qualification, and is considered important for candidates looking to manage or oversee projects.

How It Helps

While the recommended period of study for the qualification is about 16 hours, the right training material and guidance can bring optimum preparation times down to about 4, especially when these are taught by accredited bodies.

Who It’s For

The course will prove beneficial for people who are looking for a change away from their current line of work, and therefore does not require for the candidate to have prior project management experience.

In the course, participants will learn about how Prince2 approaches projects, including the techniques and principles it uses.

Progression In The Prince2 Course

The ideal progression model, although recommended, but by no means compulsory, is for people to take the foundation course when they are working on a Prince2 project, therefore becoming able to apply the learning at work.

Most people would go on to doing the Prince2 Practitioner course once they’ve gained substantial experience.

Prince 2 Course: Practitioner

The Prince2 practitioner is a 2-day course meant for people looking to secure the Prince2 practitioner qualification, and is seen as crucial for candidates working on projects that make use of Prince2.


In order for candidates to obtain the Prince2 practitioner certificate, they will have to obtain the Prince2 Foundation certificate, or finish one of the levels of the IPMA, or secured the PMP or CAPM.  

The Two Courses

The Prince2 foundation qualification hones a candidate’s skills insofar as working in a project team is concerned, while the practitioner’s course is meant to deliver the ability to utilize Prince2 in projects, and is best suited for those who are inclined to manage projects.